Sunday, January 20, 2008


Jose ma good friend. our time together was short.
but i kno u to felt them sparks in the air. we had some
shit goin on for shure. JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSEEEEEEE!!!
hahahaha. no

The Bjørnmaister. doin what he does best. dat artsy monkey.

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thomas said...

hello gurn its thomas i see youve updated your site, but your doing everything realistic like it makes you some kind of bad boy or something, why dont you ever draw cartoony stuff with huge boobs, thats what im talkin about. you and jim are cartoon cop outs, what with all this real stuff pfff i say.
but i do like the third picture especially the mans hair, it makes me smile as i think oh gurn you and your crazy pen wielding hands, like a lump of boy just waiting to be born again in to a fresh girls pocket you little ragga muffin you.

the top picture looks like if you and fred flinstone had a child xxx